“Richard has the just right touch. Restorative in an environment of peace.”


“Warm welcome, professional. Best massage I have had in years.”

Jeffrey Orth

“Beautiful house, wonderful people!”

Brian Farr

“After reading about the spa services at Los Robles I decided to book an overnight package. It seemed the perfect way to finish a busy visit with family and friends to the South. After a busy day of sightseeing I was ready for a spa treatment. Richard greeted me in the library where a light snack and a beverage awaited. We spent some time talking and relaxing before moving to the spa. It was my first time for a sea salt and oil scrub. The scrub was invigorating and a sensual pleasure. After showering I was invited to relax on a professional massage table. Pleasant music and candlelight set the tone. As I’ve only had a few massage I was a little anxious. Richard asked about any concerns and special needs as he put me at ease. He started the massage gently and offered deep pressure throughout while covering all areas of my body. He created a trust that made me totally relax and enjoy the experience. He was attentive to my body, heightened sensitivity and areas that needed extra work. There was no rush to get the massage over. After he was finished the massage there was a rest period before returning to my room and a great night’s sleep. It was the perfect way to wind down from a hectic week and take care of myself. Treat yourself to the wonderful experience the spa at Los Robles has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!!”

Jon, NY

“The massage I received from Richard was the best I have had to date. From start to finish, I felt like I was in a big cotton ball and I fell asleep before he finished. Once I awakened and the massage was ended, I had a wonderful feeling of being totally relaxed and yet very energized.”

Peter, UK

“I was in Savannah recently on a business trip and called Richard to see if he had any time to give a massage. It was a last minute thing due to timing, but he was so kind and was able to see me that afternoon. I must say Richard has hands that felt so wonderful as they massaged your body; in no time you were in a state of total relaxation and I must admit I was under his spell. I would recommend Richard’s massage to anyone who will be in the Savannah area. He is professional and kind and his touch is awesome. His facilities were clean and he offered facilities to shower before and after the massage. He was very accommodating to your needs and wanted to give you a massage you could remember. Thanks Richard for a great massage.”

Tom, NC

“With respect to the over night stay and massage I am pleased to provide you with my thoughts. Arriving shortly after dinner, I was welcomed feeling I was truly in the wonderful place, Los Robles. I was given time to “freshen up” and was given a robe to relax. After a pleasant conversation with a drink and light snack, I was escorted to and assisted with a wonderful body scrub. At no moment did I feel rushed or that time was a problem. For the next two hours, I being totally relaxed received a world class massage relieving me of all cares, concerns, and stress in a room with wonderful ambience of soft gentle music and candle light. Richard’s technique cannot be adequately explained but must be experienced. His massage being total body began quite slow and with a gentle soft touch followed with increasing pressure and rapidity. After the massage I was allowed time to relax. Once again time was not an issue. Richard’s only plan and purpose was to provide a relaxing massage relieving me of all stress. I was then directed to a bedroom where I had a relaxing peaceful sleep. Without a doubt, I look forward to my next massage at Los Robles.”

Tom, SC

“This was my second visit to the Spa and Los Robles and, once again, it did not disappoint. Richard is a master at his craft. His massages are amazing! His touch is gentle but strong and soothing but therapeutic. He is among the best practitioners I know – and I enjoy massages about twice a month. Sometimes these are very good, but sometimes they’re not. With Richard, I know each experience will be outstanding. I can recommend without any reservation the excellent service Richard provides at the Spa. When you’re in Savannah, take time to enjoy a massage from this very special man”!

Francis, FL

“This was my first experience with Richard and Los Robles and wow what a first experience. First thing you will notice is the setting of the private residence, such a peaceful and comforting atmosphere. Richard will put you at ease and offers such a great service. I would suggest all who come here to get the body scrub and then get the most relaxing and enjoyable massage. Richard’s expert hands are mind blowing. His techniques were so good at one point I thought there were more that two hands on my body at one time. I have never felt better after a massage before. I am looking forward to my next visit as Richard told me the second massage experience usually is better than the first. That just blows my mind and I can’t wait for that to happen.”

Jim, SC

Savannah Square
Forsyth Park